You are being asked to help publicize a consumer boycott aimed at Coke, Diet Coke, Vanilla Coke, Canada Dry, Dasani Water, Fanta, Fesca, Minute Main, Sprite and Squirt. Your cooperation is essential to make this program a success. Please read these instructions and follow them carefully. The Union official in charge of this consumer product campaign is Frank Sevilla.
1. At all times you are to engage in peaceful handbilling. You are forbidden to engage in any altercation, argument, or misconduct of any kind. Do not use boisterous or indecent language.
2. You are to walk back and forth on the sidewalk in front of the consumer entrances to the stores. If a particular store is located toward the rear of the parking lot, you are to ask the store manager for permission to walk back and forth on the apron or sidewalk immediately in front of the store. If you are denied permission to handbill in front of the store, you may handbill only on the public sidewalk at the entrances to the parking lot. You will be given special instructions on where to handbill at large shopping centers. If you have any questions about where to handbill, please ask the Union official in charge of the handbilling before you start.
3. Do not in any way obstruct any entrances or exits to the store or parking lot.
4. You are not to handbill in front of or in the area of any entrance to the store that is set aside for the use of store employees and delivery people. We repeat, you are to limit your handbilling to the consumer entrances to the store.
5. This Union has no dispute with the stores, and you are forbidden to make any statement to the effect that the store is unfair or on strike. You are also forbidden to request that the customers not patronize the store. We are asking only that the customers not buy Coke, Diet Coke, Vanilla Coke, Canada Dry, Dasani Water, Fanta, Fresca, Minute Maid, Sprite and Spuirt when they are shopping at the store.
6. Similarly, you are not to interfere with the work of any employees in the store. If you are asked by these employees what the handbilling is about, you are to tell them it is aimed only at consumers and that they should keep working. Likewise, if you are asked by any truck drivers who are making any pickups or deliveries what the handbilling is about, you are to tell them that the handbilling is aimed not at them, but only at consumers, and that they should continue to make their pickup or delivery.
7. You will be given handbills to distribute. Please distribute only these handbills and in a courteous manner. If the customers throw them on the ground, please see that they are picked up at once and that the area is kept clear. Do not force a handbill on any person.
8. You are forbidden to use intoxicating beverages or any illegal drug or other substance while on duty or to have such beverages, drugs, substances or a weapon on your person.
9. If any store manager or official or any other private party should complain to you about the handbilling, advise them that their complaints should be directed to the Union and its attorney. You may give a copy of these instructions to any person who requests it or to any person who insists upon questioning you. Refer all questioners to the handbill. If they want additional information, tell them to talk to the Union or the Union’s attorney.
Obtain the name, badge number, and affiliation of any police or law enforcement officer who approaches you. If any such officer complains about your activity or asks you to move or stop, ask them first, in a courteous manner, to contact the Union or its attorney. If the officer refuses this request or insists that you follow his or her instructions, do so and report the incident to the Union official in charge.
10. These instructions should answer most of your questions concerning this program. If you have any additional questions, or if specific problems arise which require additional instructions, please call the Union official in charge of this campaign.