Immigrant Worker Rights Sample Resolution

Whereas, H.R. 4437 the Border Protection Antiterrorism, and Illegal Immigration Control Act--which is often referred to as the Sensenbrenner bill—and the Specter Bill are flawed border security proposals that will only weaken our national security by driving undocumented workers further underground.

Whereas, HR 4437 and the Specter Bill will undoubtedly lead to the further exploitation of workers, and will undermine standards for all workers in this country and create division in workplaces and in our communities.

Whereas, such legislation also does nothing to remove the economic incentives that unscrupulous employers have to hire and exploit immigrant workers, and fails to really address the fact that we have 11 million undocumented workers in this country contributing to our communities.

Whereas, HR 4437 and the Specter Bill criminalizes millions of immigrants, subjecting them to immediate detention and deportation, which will only overwhelm our legal system and local law enforcement authorities.

Whereas, HR 4437 and the Specter Bill expand the definition of “smuggling” so broadly that it would criminalize a union organizer helping and organizing an undocumented worker.

Whereas HR 4437 and the Specter Bill include the “CLEAR” Act which coerces state and local police into enforcing immigration laws over the objections of many such officials who believe that this authority undercuts their ability to protect public safety.

Whereas, the legislation makes it harder for legal permanent residents to become citizens since it would allow the Department of Homeland Security to deny citizenship to any legal permanent resident based on subjective information and deny them a chance for a judge to revise the decisions for mistakes and abuse of discretion

Whereas, there are additional legislative proposals that would include an expansive guest worker program which would fail to protect U.S. workers and to address abuses of workers.

Therefore be it resolved, that the (insert organization name) oppose any and all efforts to require local police perform Immigration, Customs and Enforcement duties, such as recently approved in the city of Costa Mesa, California.

And, be it resolved, that (insert organization name) oppose HR 4437, the Specter Bill or any other irresponsible enforcement only proposals that may pass Congress.

And, be it resolved that (insert organization name) opposes any form of Employer Sanctions because they have historically resulted in “employee sanctions” in the form of firings of workers for union organizing and discrimination practices on the job.

And, be it resolved, that (insert organization name) supports a path to citizenship for immigrants living and working in this country.

And, be it resolved, that (insert organization name) oppose guest worker legislative proposals because such modern day “bracero programs,” create an indentured servitude status for workers.

And, be it resolved, that the (insert organization name) support efforts to organize all workers, but particularly immigrants, into trade unions as the best measure to improve their working conditions, wages, benefits, and prospects of economic advancement.

(For more information contact Ernesto Medrano, Teamsters Local 952 at (714) 740-6246 or downloadable at