December 17, 2004

Via Facsimile & Regular Mail

James P. Hoffa
General President
International Brotherhood of Teamsters
25 Louisiana Avenue, N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20001-2198

Re: Organizing Laidlaw Transit Service, Inc. / Recognition of Local 952

Dear Brother Hoffa:

I am writing you to thank you for your support of our recent Organizing activity at the above-referenced employer. Without the support of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters Organizing Department this victory would not have occurred. This campaign has been going on for about four and half (4½) years. We lost an election two (2) years ago by a very narrow margin (13 votes).

In particular we want to thank Jeff Farmer and Manny Valenzuela. Ricardo Hidalgo was on this non-stop from August 27th forward and Charlie Stephenson spent significant amounts of time on the campaign. They were assisted by Organizers Romero Alonzo, Claudia Gallaway, Bob Kirkpatrick, Lisa Mack, Linn Nguyen Stephanie Patiga, Jesse Schobot, Gary Smith, Esperanza Torres, Marina Vergara, Howard Williamson & Brian Wood.

You and Brother Keegel have shown great leadership over the last several years. It was an honor to be appointed to the Blue Ribbon Committee. If the dues increases had not taken place the IBT would not have been able to assist in campaigns like this. On behalf of our membership and the drivers at Laidlaw, I want to thank you and your Executive Board and wish you and all of your families Happy Holidays.


Patrick D. Kelly
Secretary Treasurer


cc: C. Thomas Keegel, IBT, JC32, LU120
Jim Santangleo, IBT, JC42, LU848
Randy Cammack, IBT, LU63
Chuck Mack, IBT, JC7, LU70
Al Hobart, IBT, JC28
Mary Hardiman, IBT
Jeff Famer, IBT
Manny Valenzulea, IBT