November 15, 2005

On behalf of our membership and the Local 952 Executive Board we want to thank you for your efforts in the November 8th Special Election. We were successful in beating back all of the anti-union propositions. Unfortunately there are a lot of unresolved non partisan issues that need to be dealt with over the next year. Some of these are 1. multi-employer pension reform; 2. healthcare reform; 3. proposed taxing of health insurance fringe benefits; 4. proposed elimination of home mortgage interest deductions; and 5. proposed elimination of state and local property tax deductions. Many of these proposals are outrageous attacks on the middle class and will adversely impact all working people and their families.

As you are aware over half of the amount of money that we negotiate in our Contracts is used for health insurance. Twenty-five percent of the health insurance premium is used to pay for the uninsured. This is a problem that cannot be solved through collective bargaining. It requires a political solution.

We are asking you to increase your activities in support of the DRIVE program and increase the voter registration of our members and their families. We want to thank you for your support of Teamsters Local 952 and hope you and your families have a Happy Holiday Season and a Prosperous New Year.


Patrick D. Kelly
Secretary Treasurer


California Teamsters Public Affairs Council
Proposition 75 Results by County