TO ALL TEAMSTERS LOCAL 952 MEMBERS



Brothers and Sisters:

Teamsters Local 952 will be conducting an intensive worksite voter registration and D.R.I.V.E. sign up over the next sixty days. In order to protect the Labor movement we need to reach out to all Teamster families to ensure that all who are eligible get registered to vote and get informed on the issues which include:

1. NAFTA and Trade; Cross-border trucking and the opening of the border with Mexico and the potential loss of thousands of Southern California Distribution and light manufacturing jobs;

2. PROP 72- Health Insurance Act will require large (WalMart and McDonald(s) and medium sized Employers to provide health insurance for their workers. Over twenty percent of your insurance costs go to cover medical for the uninsured. This leads to cost-shifting which results in higher co-payments and less money for wages and pensions;

3. Unfair pension liability requirements on multi-employer Taft-Hartley Pension Funds; Special Treatment for the airlines and non-union employers and adverse treatment for Union trucking, warehousing and construction;

4. Attacks on overtime through the use of mandatory flex-time (your employer gives you time off instead of overtime pay).

If you want to get involved, contact your Business Representative at (714) 740-6200 or see your Shop Steward. Your involvement will increase Teamster clout with all levels of government.


Patrick D. Kelly
Secretary Treasurer

August 11, 2004