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July 23, 2017


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Effective Thursday July 21, 2017
Donna Metcalfe has resigned as President of Local 952.
Business Representative/Recording Secretary Grant Maertz has been appointed as successor for President of Local 952.
Business Representative/Organizer Ruben Lopez has been appointed as successor for Recording Secretary of Local 952

Employees Seek Better Wages and Benefits,
Strong Voice on the Job


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Key Note Speaker: 
Fred Potter, International Vice President
Director, Teamsters Port Division
International Brotherhood of Teamsters

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I stand with the working families of the United States of America and oppose any attempt to weaken our lawful right to organize or advocate for the rights of workers.  As such, I oppose any attempts to advance so-called "Right to Work" legislation in Congress or otherwise.  WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER and together we will fight for the rights of all working families.

Thank you for your commitment! It's because of people like you that workers have rights and that we continue in the proud legacy of workers in America.

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Secretary-Treasurer Patrick D. Kelly
remarks to the OCTA Board of Directors Meeting

Monday, June 12, 2017

Click the above link to listen to the audio
On lefthand side of screen, click onto
29. Public Comments
Go to 1:52:56 to hear Patrick Kelly's Comments


17th Annual Orange County Celebration of our Flag



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Teamsters Joint Council 42
Newpaper Articles
June 1, 2017

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Brothers & Sisters meeting with Strong Labor Supporter Assemblymember Tom Daly in Sacramento.
(L-R) LU986 BA Greg Bashem, LU952 Organizer Stan Brown, LU952 Trustee Rudy Lopez, LU952 Trustee Marlene Salazar, LU952 BA Bobby Block, AM Tom Daly, LU848 VP Louie Diaz, LU952 ST Patrick D. Kelly, LU952 BA Mark E. Woomer, LU952 Trustee Dennis Dodd and LU952 BA Norma Lopez.

Congratulations to Brother Kris Knalson!!!


Teamsters Local 952 Retirees Successfully Lobby for Passage of Transportation Bill SB-1 in California

April 10, 2017
Governor Jerry Brown to Sign Bill into Law After Grassroots Outreach to Legislators

After intense lobbying by Teamster retirees from Teamsters Local 952, lawmakers in the State Senate and Assembly approved SB-1, a $52 Billion transportation infrastructure package, sending it to Gov. Jerry Brown. The Democratic governor strongly supports the legislation and is expected to sign it.

The bill, which raises the gas tax, will result in roughly $5 billion per year in infrastructure spending, including a 20 percent investment in transportation infrastructure. The legislation will create good-paying union jobs in the construction and transit industries while also providing some much-needed improvements to roads, highways, and other crucial facilities throughout the state.

Teamster retirees engaged in strategic phone-banking to members of the Assembly and State Senate to persuade elected officials to vote yes on SB-1. More than 500 calls were made in a time span of only three to four hours. The phone-banking clearly made a difference in swaying the handful of undecided legislators that were needed to pass the bill: lawmakers in the Assembly barely cleared the two-thirds super-majority needed to send the legislation to the Governor’s office.

Congratulations to all of our Teamster retirees who volunteered their time to make this happen! Thanks to your efforts, Californians will continue to have good-paying jobs doing work that serves to benefit all of their fellow citizens.

Teamsters Mourn the passing of
Mike Garcia and Celebrate his life

In Loving Memory of Mike Garcia

Mike's commitment to building a better future for all families was present in everything he did. He made SEIU a better, bolder and stronger union through his dedication and passion. His legacy will live on in the hearts and minds of SEIU members everywhere.

“I had the privilege and honor of working with brother Garcia for over 25 years. He was the best organizer in the USA in the last 30 years.
I love you Bro..."
Patrick D. Kelly -Secretary-Treasurer

Mike Garcia
4/22/1951 – 3/25/17



The Election Supervisor has certified the results of the 2016 IBT International Officer Election. The certification statement is available here.

Election Supervisor's Certification of Results of the 2016 IBT International Officers Election


We are asking for donations for Brother Billy who tragically lost his life while on the job (YRC)

Donations to the family can be made to:
Union Yes Federal Credit Union
“Friends of Billy De Oss Fund” #89387
1918 W. Chapman Ave., Ste. 100
Orange, CA 92868
(714) 704-2800



International Officer Ballot Count

Election Results (Not Certified)

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*IBT 952          *Western      *609       *449                *1058



Former $2 Billion Private Equity Fund Now Nearly Worthless: WSJ
by Reuters, July 16, 2017
The New York Times

Health Care Has G.O.P. Down. Tax Cuts May Be the Cure
by Jeremy W. Peters, July 19, 2017
The New York Times

Robots, Artificial Intelligence and Automation are Reshaping Iowa's Workforce.  is Your Job at Risk?
by Kevin Hardy, July 10, 2017
The DesMoise Register

Why Millennials Should Lead the Next Labor Movement
by Kashana Cauley, July 13, 2017
The New York Times

Revised GOP Healthcare Bill Succeeds at Making things Even Worse
by David Lazarus, July 14, 2017
The Los Angeles Times


How robots, Al and Automation are Shaking up Iowa's Workforce. Is your job at risk?
by Kevin Hardy, July 8, 2017
Desmoines Register

'Auntie Maxine' Waters Goes After Trump and Goes Viral
by Yamiche Alcindor, July 7, 2017
The New York Times

G.O.P. Support of Senate Health Repeal Erodes During Break
by Jennifer Steinhauer and Robert Pear, July 7, 2017
The New York Times

Retail giants enable trucker exploitation
By Brett Murphy - June 29, 2017

Port truckers who carry your favorite goods to market are being cheated to save you money
- Contact Reporter
June 29, 2017 8:55 AM


The Mitch McConnell Sinkhole


Every New York City Subway Line Is Getting Worse. Here’s Why

By Emma G. Fitzsimmons, Ford Fessenden and K.K. rebecca Lai
June 28, 2017


UPS to Freeze Pension Plans for Nonunion Staffers
Carrier has a U.S. pension deficit that reached $9.85 billion at the end of 2016

The G.O.P. Rejects Conservatism 

Recipe for disaster: How not to cook up healthcare reform

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has every reason to smile: His own healthcare won't be affected by the Senate's healthcare bill. (Associated Press)
By David Lazarus - Contact Reporter
June 22, 2017 4:10 PM


Senate Health Care Bill Includes Deep Cuts to Medicaid
by Robert Pear and Thomas Kaplan, June 22, 2017
The New York Times

DWP Contract Could Spark Costly Demands from Other City Unions
by David Zahniser, Emily Alpert Reyes and Dakota Smith, June 21, 2017
The Los Angeles Times

Nancy Pelosi Tells Democratic Critics, 'I Think I'm Worth the Trouble'
by Jonathan Martin and Matt Flegenheimer, June 22, 2017
The New York Times

Senate Health Care Bill Includes Deep Cuts to Medicaid  

DWP contract could spark costly demands from other city unions 
, and - Contact Reporters
June 21, 2017 3:40 PM

Trump Takes Steps to Undo Obama Legacy on Labor
by Noam Scheiber, June 20, 2017
The New York TImes

Amazon's move Signals End of Line for Many Cashiers
by Claire Cain Miller, June 17, 2017
The New York Times

Rigged. Forced into Debt. Worked past exhaution. Left with Nothing.
USA Today, June 16, 2017
by Brett Murphy

Where Democrats Can Find New Voters
by Thomas B. Edsall, June 15, 2017
The New York Times

Union Rep. Says San Francisco UPS Gunman Filed 'Excessive Overtime' Grievance
by Joe Vasquez, June 14, 2017

Unions Come Into the Justices' Cross Hairs, Again
by Adam Liptak, June 12, 2017
The New York Time

Finally, Something Isn't the Matter With Kansas
by Michael Tomasky, June 12, 2017
The New York Times

Column Customers Battle Whole Foods to Save a Newstand, and a Way of Life
by Steve Lopez, June 10, 2017
Los Angeles Times

Jimmy Gomez on Winning the 34th District: 'Was that a dream?'
by Christine Mai-Duc, June 6, 2017
The Los Angeles Times

Labor Department walks back Obama-era guidance on 'joint employers' and gig workers
by Natalie Kitroeff, June 7, 2017
The Los Angeles Times


America's Truckers Embrace Big Brother After Costing Insurers Millions
by Leslie Scism, June 4, 2017
Wall Street Journal

German Shipping Firm Rickmers Files for Bankruptcy
by William Wilkes and Costas Paris, June 4, 2017
Wall Street Journal

The Single-Payer Party? Democrats Shift Left on Health Care
by Alexander Burns and Jennifer Medina, June 3, 2017
The New York Times

Lyndon John's Living Room War
by Chester Pach, May 30, 2017
The New York Times

A 2016 Review: Why Key State Polls Were Wrong About Trump
by Nate Cohn, May 31, 2017
The New York Times

Gregg Allman, Influential Force Behind the Allman Brothers Band, Dies at 69
by Bill Friskics-Warren, May 27, 2017
The New York Times

The Question Isn't Why Wage Growth Is So Low. It's Why It's So High
by Neil Irwin, May 26, 2017
The New York Times

Uber Fires Former Google Engineer
at Heart of Self-Driving Dispute

by Mike Isaac and Daisuke Wakabayashi, May 30, 2017
The New York Times

Blind Spots in Trump's Trade
Tirade Against Germany

by Mark Landler, May 30, 2017
The New York Times

Read the C.B.O. Report on the House Health Care Bill
The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office released their findings on the health care bill passed by the House of Representatives. The Senate has already vowed to rework the bill.

New C.B.O. Score: G.O.P. Health Bill Would Save Government Billions but Leave Millions Uninsured  

L.A. bus ridership continues to fall; officials now looking to overhaul the system
By Laura J. Nelson - Contact Reporter
May 23, 2017 4:00 AM

Economists See Little Magic in Tax Cuts to Promote Growth  

Trump’s Problematic Math: Budget Plan Adds Growth, but Doesn’t Subtract Cost 

Larry Summers: Trump’s budget is simply ludicrous
By Lawrence H. Summer  May 23, 2017 at 5:00 AM


News Release No.: 2017-39                                             Date: May 23, 2017

U.S. District Court Upholds Labor Commissioner Awards of Almost $1 Million for Misclassification of Port and Rail Truck Drivers

Los Angeles—A federal court judge has sided with California Labor Commissioner Julie A. Su, affirming her office’s judgment in favor of five port and rail truck drivers against XPO Cartage Inc. The ruling awards the drivers reimbursement for expenses and unlawful deductions in the amount of $958,660 plus attorney’s fees and costs.

The Labor Commissioner previously issued awards to the five drivers following hearings that found they had been misclassified as independent contractors. XPO Cartage appealed the five decisions in Superior Court and the case was removed to Federal Court, where attorneys for the Labor Commissioner represented the drivers. After a four-day bench trial and post-trial briefing, U.S. District Court Judge William Keller ruled the cases were not preempted by the Federal Aviation Administration Authorization Act of 1994 and that all five drivers were misclassified as independent contractors entitled to reimbursement for expenses and unlawful deductions.

“The United States District Court’s decision in this case vindicates the rights of five employees who have sought for years to recoup the deductions unlawfully withheld from their wages due to being misclassified as independent contractors,” said Labor Commissioner Julie A. Su. “My office is dedicated to ensuring workers are paid what they are due under the law and ensuring workers are properly classified.”

State courts have also upheld the Labor Commissioner’s awards in misclassification cases in the port and rail trucking industry. In 2013, Superior Court Judge Michael Vicencia rendered judgment in favor of four port truck drivers and against Seacon Logix Inc. in the amount of $107,802.  The Second District Court of Appeal affirmed Judge Vicencia’s judgment in its published decision Garcia v. Seacon Logix, Inc. (2015) 238 Cal.App.4th 1476. In 2015, Superior Court Judge Ross Klein also affirmed the Labor Commissioner’s finding of misclassification and awarded port truck driver Ho Lee $179,390 for reimbursement of expenses and unlawful deductions following a three day bench trial.

The Department of Industrial Relations’ Division of Labor Standards Enforcement, also known as the Labor Commissioner’s Office, inspects workplaces for wage and hour violations, adjudicates wage claims, investigates retaliation complaints, issues licenses and registrations for businesses, enforces prevailing wage rates and apprenticeship standards in public works projects, and educates the public on labor laws. Its Wage Theft is a Crime multilingual public awareness campaign was launched in 2014 to help inform workers of their rights and employers of their responsibilities.

Members of the press may contact Erika Monterroza or Peter Melton at (510) 286-1161, and are encouraged to subscribe to get email alerts on DIR’s press releases or other departmental updates.

Pittsburgh Welcomed Uber’s Driverless Car Experiment. Not Anymore

Lack of Workers, Not Work, Weighs on the Nation’s Economy

Democrats dominate California but squabble among themselves
Dan Walters - Observations on California and its politics
May 20, 2017 5:25 PM

Albertsons Chief Administration Officer and Deal Maker Justin Dye Leaves Grocer
By Heather Haddon - May 17, 2017 3:05 P.M. ET


Climb inside the massive tunnel 60 feet below downtown L.A.
By Thomas Curwen - Photography by Mel Melchon
Sunday, May 14, 2017

Something Trump and Elizabeth Warren agree on:  Bringing back Glass-Steagall to break up big banks
May 12, 2017 - 9:15 AM


On Trade, a Politically Feisty Trump Risks Economic Damage

Health Law Repeal Will Miss Trump’s 100-Day Target Date

Coal Mine Reality for President Trump

Shortage of Auto Mechanics Has Dealerships Taking Action
by Norman Matersohn, April 27, 2017
The New York Times

Glen Campbell and The Lone Ranger
(The William Tell Overture)

Hard to believe this talented man who could remember the music to the

"William Tell Overture" is now suffering from late stage Alzheimer's and

most likely cant remember a note.  Sad ..

*The Lone Ranger rides again!*

For most of the 1960s, Glen Campbell's brilliant guitar playing was known

only by a select few top recording studios and artists.

Long before Glen became known nationally as an outstanding vocalist, actor

and TV personality, he was one of the most in-demand recording studio

guitarists in the world. He could have earned a 7-figure annual income as a

high-end, requested-for-studio guitarist for years on end if that had been

all he cared to do.

How good was he? The Lone Ranger! You will enjoy!

Take a look at this video, one you may have never seen before.

Hi’Yo Silver, Away! - It doesn't get much better than this. "The  William

Tell Overture" by Giaochino Rossini.

Many of us grew up watching the Lone Ranger and Tonto on black and white


Years later, many of us watched the Glen Campbell show on TV as well.

This video is a clip of an older Glen Campbell playing the William Tell

Overture (with symphony orchestra) and dedicating it to Clayton Moore, who

played the Lone Ranger, and Jay Silverheels, who played Tonto.

You may never have seen Glen play like this before.  This is world-class

guitar playing andCampbell makes it look easy.

The sounds of Glen Campbell on guitar and the symphony orchestra playing

Rossini's "William Tell Overture" will take you back to those golden days

of yesteryear, when the strains of Rossini's masterpiece coming over

the radio meant the Lone Ranger show was about to begin.

 Glen Campbell - William Tell Overture (smokin' instrumental)

Judge allows California high-speed rail project to proceed
By Don Thompson - April 26, 2017 2:20 PM

Jonathan Demme, Oscar-Winning Director, Is Dead at 73

Winners and Losers in the Trump Tax Plan

What Changed in the Health Repeal Plan to Win Over the Freedom Caucus
Margot Sanger-Katz @sangerkatz - April 26, 2017

Arthur Laffer’s Theory on Tax Cuts Comes to Life Once More


Zombies of Voodoo Economics
Paul Krugman - April 24, 2017

Trump Saved Carrier Jobs. These Workers Weren’t as Lucky

Immigrants flooded California construction. Worker pay sank. Here’s why 
By Natalie Kitroeff April 22, 2017

Though shovels are ready, Trump officials delay grant for Caltrain upgrade

Washington Post  April 22, 2017

SAN JOSE — The railway shuttles 65,000 people a day between San Francisco and San Jose, its cars crammed with Silicon Valley workers tapping on sleek laptops and hoisting bikes into designated cars. But the signs of aging are unmistakable — 1980s control panels devoid of digital technology, the dusting of sea-green foam that has escaped from the seat cushions and settled on the floor.

All of that was supposed to change with the launch of a $2 billion upgrade, underwritten in part by a $647 million grant from the Federal Transit Administration approved days before President Barack Obama left office. But then the Trump administration arrived, and within a month the FTA informed Caltrain that it was “deferring a decision.”

The delay has infuriated California officials, who had hoped the long-awaited project would mesh nicely with President Trump’s call for fresh spending on the nation’s aging infrastructure. But in this era of distrust and polarization, an otherwise popular initiative has become a GOP target, seen as a pet project of the former president.

The move to shelve the grant is reverberating far beyond the Golden State, alarming officials in cities across the nation. The White House wants to slice nearly $1 billion from the transportation budget this year, with the cuts aimed primarily at urban transit projects such as the Purple Line in Maryland’s Montgomery and Prince George’s counties.

More cuts may be in store: Trump’s budget request for fiscal 2018 ignores two major New York City projects: an extension of the Second Avenue subway line and a new train tunnel under the Hudson River. In a note to Congress last month, the White House budget office wrote that when it comes to improvements to Caltrain and the D.C. Metro system, “localities should fund these localized projects.”

Christopher Leinberger, chair of George Washington University’s Center for Real Estate and Urban Analysis, said the cuts suggest Trump is “playing to the base,” because he got much less support in urban areas than in “drivable suburban locations.”

“This is about pure politics,” Leinberger said

Last month, the American Public Transportation Association sent a letter to Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao calling the Caltrain delay “concerning.” In more than two decades, the association wrote, “no project has failed to secure final signature after successfully meeting evaluation criteria.”

Transportation officials were noncommittal, saying the project would be considered along with other priorities for fiscal 2018.

For Caltrain general manager and chief executive Jim Hartnett, whose company started planning for the upgrade in the late 1990s, the delay is disheartening. The project, which would finance a switch from diesel engines to high-performance electric commuter rail trains, has already received $73 million in federal appropriations but cannot tap the cash without the Transportation Department’s approval.

“We are more than shovel-ready,” Hartnett said. “Our shovel is in the ground and ready to turn.”

At Caltrain’s San Jose Diridon Station last month, company officials pointed out the signs of wear and tear on a railway system that was inaugurated during Abraham Lincoln’s presidency.

More than two-thirds of its locomotives date to 1985; more than half of its passenger trains are that old. There is no diagnostic software. “When something goes wrong, we put in a part and hope for the best,” said Caltrain’s director of rail operations, Joe Navarro.

A few weeks ago, half of the red-and-silver Caltrain signs started peeling off the side of a passenger car at the South San Francisco stop, prompting a half-hour delay. Doing a “midlife” overhaul, which extends a locomotive or passenger car’s life by an additional decade, costs $2.2 million per locomotive and $1.5 million per car.

“We’re the second-oldest railroad west of the Mississippi, and we have advanced that far beyond the steam engine,” Navarro said. “We’re running diesel.”

Caltrain first contemplated an electric rail line two decades ago, but the idea has taken on new urgency as Silicon Valley has boomed and ridership has doubled since 2005.

Officials approached the FTA about the project in 2001, while also tapping local funding sources, including money approved by Proposition 1A, a 2008 ballot measure intended to connect transit projects to the state’s planned high-speed rail system.

This annoyed Rep. Jeff Denham (R-Calif.), who chairs a key House Transportation and Infrastructure subcommittee. Denham has lobbied Chao to deny the grant because the new Caltrain cars would run slower than 220 mph, the rate that defines high-speed rail. He urged California Gov. Jerry Brown (D) to find a different source of state financing for Caltrain and then reapply for the federal money.

“I am supportive of Caltrain and the electrification project, but they have to be funded the right way,” Denham said. “I would expect any new administration to fund what their new transportation policy is going to be and what their priorities are.”

Brown, who met with Chao last month to discuss the grant, said of Denham in a phone interview: “That’s called blackmail.”

Californians “voted for a bond issue” for high-speed rail “but envisioned other projects” using the cash, the governor said. “To go against it is the rawest, stupidest form of politics.”

For the moment, Caltrain has obtained a four-month delay from its contractors in exchange for paying a penalty, meaning it could still proceed with the project if it gets an infusion of federal funds by June 30.

The electrification upgrade is expected to generate 4,700 jobs in more than a dozen states, including Utah, where the new trains would be manufactured. Caltrain officials have reached out to more than a dozen members of the House and Senate who represent areas that would benefit from the project.

In an interview, Senate Finance Committee Chairman Orrin G. Hatch (R-Utah) said the project “would be very beneficial to Utah, no question.”

Although it may be challenging to free up the money, Hatch said, “we’re going to do what we can to get that done.”
















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RE: Participants currently enrolled in United Healthcare
January 8, 2013


Teamsters-National 401k

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Toll-free: (877) 214-8928

To schedule an appointment with the Pension (ONLY) field representative from the Western Conference of Teamsters Pension Trust please call Local 952 at (714) 740-6200. A pension representative comes to Local 952 every Thursday of the month from 9:00am to 4:00pm. If you wish to contact the pension department directly, please call one of the above numbers or visit

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